Lifting the lid on sneaky fees and charges

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Failures in car seat fittings could put children at risk

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Six million travellers experience holiday hassles

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‘We’re asking travellers to share their gripes’ – Which? response to school holiday getaway

Which? executive director, Richard Lloyd, said:   “We hope everyone has a hassle free holiday this summer but if you don’t, we want to hear about it.   “We’re asking travellers to share their gripes with Which?, so we can expose any dodgy deals and shoddy service.   “Consumers can also get clued up on their rights if [...]

“TPS alone will not stop nuisance calls” – Which? response to Ofcom and ICO’s Telephone Preference Service research

Richard Lloyd Which? executive director and chairman of the new independent nuisance call Task Force said: “The more people sign up to the Telephone Preference Service the better, but this research confirms that the TPS alone will not stop nuisance calls once and for all. “Companies need to play by the rules that are there to protect [...]

“Short time frame doesn’t give the full picture” – our response to HESA data on graduate employment

Which? executive director, Richard Lloyd, said: “Students told us that improving their employment prospects was the main reason for going to university so it’s good to see that graduate employment is up in the six months after graduation. However this short time frame doesn’t give the full picture and students need more detail on their employment prospects for the years, rather than months, after graduating to help them make a [...]

“Vital no stone is left unturned” – our response to today’s CMA statement on its energy investigation

Which? executive director Richard Lloyd said: “We welcome the breadth of issues that the CMA will study in its energy market investigation. It’s vital no stone is left unturned in establishing the truth behind our energy prices. In the meantime, Ofgem must continue its renewed, tougher approach to protecting consumers, and energy companies should make urgent [...]

“Investigation raises serious concerns” – our response to the Guardian’s findings on supermarket chicken

Which? executive director Richard Lloyd said: “The Guardian’s investigation raises serious concerns. Tackling campylobacter has to become a much bigger priority for supermarkets and their suppliers as it is responsible for thousands of cases of food poisoning and the deaths of 100 people every year. “It’s therefore disappointing that the FSA has gone back on its commitment to publish in [...]


Open letter to the FSA on the publication of campylobacter survey results

Dear Tim, Campylobacter: publication of retail survey results I am writing to express our grave concern about the proposal being put to the FSA Board to withhold information about the levels of the deadly food poisoning bacteria campylobacter in supermarket chickens. Campylobacter is a major public health issue. 72,000 people were reported to have suffered [...]

UK consumers getting a raw deal on pricing

The latest Which? investigation reveals UK buyers could be getting a raw deal by paying more for tech products than US consumers. We compared the prices of identical tech products, excluding tax, in the UK and US and found UK consumers are paying more, with price differences of some items running into hundreds of pounds. [...]

“Essential that people facing retirement get personalised, impartial support” – Which? response to Government’s pensions announcement

Which? executive director, Richard Lloyd, said:  “It’s essential that people facing retirement get personalised, impartial support to navigate some of the most radical changes to the pensions market in decades, so it is absolutely right to separate this from sales processes. This decision will help avoid potential conflicts of interest when guidance is given, and will [...]

The real cost of current accounts

A new Which? investigation reveals how much consumers could be out of pocket by having the wrong current account because it’s impossible for them to work out the real cost of lost interest and overdraft charges. We looked at three months of current account statements from three consumers – someone who regularly uses an authorised [...]