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Fake reviews make consumers more than twice as likely to be misled into choosing poor-quality products, Which? reveals

Consumers could be more than twice as likely to choose poor-quality products when shopping online if they have been boosted by fake reviews, a groundbreaking behavioural experiment by Which? has revealed.  The consumer champion’s research simulated fake reviews and endorsement labels and found they were hugely effective at manipulating consumers into picking Don’t Buy products […]

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Which? response to decline in cash machine use amid coronavirus concerns

Gareth Shaw, Head of Money at Which?, said: “While many consumers are understandably turning to alternative payment methods during the pandemic, cash remains a fundamental way for millions of people to pay for essential products and services. “The government committed to legislation to ensure consumers have access to cash for as long as they need […]


More than eight in 10 Ryanair passengers still waiting for refunds

The majority of Ryanair passengers surveyed who have asked for a refund for a cancelled flight during the coronavirus crisis are still waiting for their money back, according to new research from Which?. Which? surveyed nearly 2,800 airline customers that had flights cancelled since mid-March as a result of the global pandemic, to find out […]

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Couples jilted at altar by wedding venues cancelling big day – and pocketing their cash

Wedding venues are potentially breaking the law by exploiting unfair terms and conditions to avoid refunding couples for cancellations due to coronavirus, a new Which? investigation reveals. Many frustrated couples have contacted Which? as they are struggling to get refunds, often worth tens of thousands of pounds, from venues for weddings cancelled or postponed due […]

Which? response as CMA launches investigation into misleading online reviews

Neena Bhati, Head of Campaigns, Which?, said: “It is good to see the regulator turning its attention to review sites as Which? investigations have repeatedly exposed fake or incentivised reviews being used by unscrupulous sellers to mislead people on some of the world’s biggest websites. “Online platforms must take greater responsibility for helping to prevent […]


Which? response as FCA announces proposals to extend support for mortgage customers amid coronavirus

Gareth Shaw, Head of Money at Which?, said: “The extension of these measures will bring relief to people who would otherwise struggle financially during the challenging months ahead. “Mortgage lenders should make the process as straightforward as possible, ensuring people can easily access the support they need. “Consumers should also consider their options carefully as […]