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Aldi cleans up in Which? washing-up liquid tests

The latest Which? washing-up liquid tests reveal Aldi as the winner for the first time on performance, just pipping Fairy Platinum on cleaning power. We first tested washing up liquid in 1959 and this year we’ve put 13 washing- up liquids from supermarkets and major brands to the test and found: Aldi’s Magnum Premium washing-up [...]

“The complaints system across public services should be overhauled” – our response to PHSO showing case summaries online

Which? executive director, Richard Lloyd said:  “People often don’t complain about public services because they think their feedback will not be heard or acted upon so publishing the results of investigations should give people more confidence that their complaints count. “The complaints system across public services should be overhauled so people can more easily speak [...]


Which? takes a closer look at laser eye surgery

A Which? undercover investigation finds a third of laser eye surgery consultations are poor quality.  We sent undercover researchers into 18 laser eye surgery clinics to look at how they were selling the procedure and the quality of advice given at initial consultations. An expert panel assessed that in a third of consultations the potential [...]

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Which? calls for a national savings strategy

A new Which? report reveals around 14 million people could be encouraged to save more.  The new Which? report explores consumer behaviour and attitudes to saving in the UK and identifies that there are approximately 11.5 million people who struggle to save regularly, and a further 2.5 million who don’t save but could afford to, [...]

George the Poet unmuted as 50,000 sign up to make complaints count

Which? unmutes an exclusive music track by George the Poet and producer Jakwob, as 50,000 sign up to our campaign for the Government to improve complaints handling in public services. As part of the Which? campaign to make complaints count in public services, George the Poet and music producer Jakwob collaborated to create a unique track. As [...]

“We advise people to carefully research all their options” – our response to changes to the university clearing process

Sonia Sodha, from Which? University, said: “Results day can be a stressful time with some students facing tough decisions. We advise people to carefully research all their options, as well as views from students who have gone through the process. Which? University wants the Government to release more data so that students can make better informed choices.” [...]

“It’s essential for better public services that people speak up” – our response to the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman’s annual report

Head of Which? public affairs for Scotland, Gordon MacRae, said: “It’s essential for better public services that people speak up when things go wrong, but we’ve found that people often don’t complain because they don’t think anything will change. The continued increase in the number of cases being resolved by the Ombudsman, coupled with improvements [...]


Prospective university students lack back-up plan

With just over a week until A-level results day, Which? University reveals that many students haven’t planned what they will do if they don’t get the grades they need for university, despite only half feeling confident they’ll get into their first choice.  New research from Which? University finds that more than half (54%) of students [...]

“Unacceptably high levels of campylobacter” – Which? response to Food Standards Agency campylobacter results in chicken​

Which? executive director, Richard Lloyd, said: “The FSA’s survey reveals unacceptably high levels of campylobacter and they must now publish the names of the retailers so consumers are aware of the best and worst performing shops. “Campylobacter is responsible for thousands of cases of food poisoning and the deaths of 100 people every year so much [...]