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Which? responds to the PAC’s online fraud report

Gareth Shaw, Which? Money Expert said: “It is right that the Public Accounts Committee is treating online fraud with such severity – as we know first-hand the devastating impact it continues to have on consumers.  “We need to see real progress from the Joint Fraud Taskforce on this issue and for the banks to urgently […]


Which? responds to StepChange report on unarranged overdraft fees

Gareth Shaw, Which? Money Expert said: “The FCA must take swift action on the unarranged overdraft fees that banks charge their customers, which simply plunges people further into debt “Banks have made over a billion pounds a year through these fees, which we have previously found can cost considerably more than payday loan charges. We […]


Which? response to rail fare rises

Alex Hayman, Which? Managing Director of Public Markets, said: “This price hike will be another blow for passengers, many of whom continue to experience cancellations, delays, overcrowding and poor service from train companies.   “For passengers to genuinely get value for money, they must be able to find the best ticket for their journey, cheaper fares must not […]


Which? response to MPs call for CMA investigation into SSE-Npower merger

Alex Neill, Which? Managing Director of Home Products and Services, said: “Mergers of such big players in essential markets, such as energy, are rarely a good thing for consumers, especially given the low levels of competition. “As both businesses struggle on customer service, coming in the bottom half of our satisfaction survey, the competition authorities […]


Which? response to the end of the Whirlpool replacement scheme

Alex Neill, Which? Managing Director of Home Products and Services, said:  “It is completely unacceptable that Whirlpool has shut down its replacement scheme for these dangerous tumble dryers. It is irresponsible that despite one million households potentially still using an affected machine Whirlpool seems unwilling to do everything possible to deal with this issue.   “The […]


Which? responds to latest bank branch closures announcement

Gareth Shaw, Which? money expert, said:  “With bank branch closures gathering pace, it’s vital that banks ensure all consumers have access to vital everyday banking services, no matter where they live. “At a time when the payment industry is putting forward proposals that could significantly reduce the number of free-to-use ATMs, this news will be […]

Which? response to the Coroner’s report on Whirlpool tumble dryer fire

Alex Neill, Which? Managing Director of Home Products and Services, said: “Th​e Coroner’s​ report exposes the fundamental failings of Whirlpool’s handling of unsafe products. The Government should urgently investigate if this is a breach of the company’s obligations under product safety law and immediately enforce a full product recall of all remaining fire risk tumble […]


Which? response to CMA report into the care home market

Alex Hayman, Which? Managing Director of Public Markets, said: “These findings echo the heartbreaking stories we’ve heard from hundreds of people who have struggled to find appropriate local care for themselves or a loved one.  “The Government must now act on these important recommendations and ensure that their Green Paper delivers the fundamental reforms needed […]


Which? response to ‘Google You Owe Us’ group launching legal action

Peter Vicary-Smith, Chief Executive of Which?, said: “People have to put their trust in big companies like Google because they increasingly play a large role in our everyday lives. To have this good faith rewarded by Google taking advantage of people’s information without their consent is something that rightly must be challenged. “This ​welcome ​campaign […]


Which? response to 2.7 million UK customers affected by Uber data breach

Alex Neill, Which? Managing Director of Home Products and Services, said: “Uber’s data breach – and the fact that​ it was hidden – will worry​ UK​ customers and drivers alike. It is critical that the company does all that it can to ensure affected people get clear information about what has happened. “Data breaches are […]