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Which? response to Lloyds’ new overdraft proposition

Commenting on the Lloyds new LBG Overdraft proposition, Peter Vicary-Smith, Which? chief executive, said: “For too long, consumers have been hit with exorbitant fees when using unarranged overdrafts. Lloyds’ decision to do away with these fees is a positive step and its proposed simpler pricing will benefit many of its customers. However, not everyone will [...]


Which? response to the FCA’s retirement outcomes review interim report

Gareth Shaw, Which? money expert, said: “Deciding how to turn your hard earned pension savings into a retirement income is one of the most daunting and complex decisions people have to make. “Consumers deserve to get products and services that help them make the most of their savings in retirement, so it is worrying that [...]


Which? response to Asda’s improvements on clearer supermarket pricing

Alex Neill, Which? Managing Director of Home Products and Services, said: “Following our super-complaint on misleading supermarket pricing, it’s good to see that Asda has changed its practices. The CMA needs to continue to monitor all retailers to ensure that any misleading practices in other sectors are also systematically tackled.” Notes to eds Which? submitted [...]


Which? response to Ofgem’s plan to deliver a fairer, more competitive energy market for all consumers

Alex Neill, Which? Managing Director of Home Products and Services, said: “Millions of hard-pressed customers are overpaying for their energy and suffering due to a lack of competition in the energy market. More help for the most vulnerable customers and steps to make switching easier are welcome, but people will question whether these interventions are [...]

Passengers face fight to get paid when flights are delayed

Airlines are denying or delaying passenger compensation claims only to be told to cough up in more than half of cases that customers take to the regulator, new Which? analysis reveals. Which? analysis of Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) data has found that in more than half (53%) of cases it was passengers, not airlines, who [...]

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Which? response to Citizens Advice reporting an increase in phantom goods scams

Gareth Shaw, Which? money expert said: “Sophisticated fraudsters are constantly finding new tactics to persuade us to part with money, one way is through fake or non-existent goods or services. “If consumers pay for these phantom goods using a bank transfer, there is little chance of getting their cash back from the banks involved. We [...]

Which? response to the NAO report into online fraud

Gareth Shaw, Which? money expert, said: “Although the banking industry has started to raise awareness of fraud, banks are still placing too much responsibility on consumers to spot and protect themselves from sophisticated online scams. “We’ve heard from many people who have lost life-changing amounts of money through bank transfer fraud, but who have seen little [...]