Asda cheapest supermarket of 2016

New Which? research reveals Asda has been crowned the cheapest supermarket of 2016 for a selection of popular branded products.

The basket of 80 items – including popular items such as Dolmio sauce, Nescafe Gold Blend and Warburton’s bread – cost on average £154.14 at Asda. Morrisons was next cheapest (£160.19) ahead of Sainsbury’s (£162.11), Tesco (£164.37) and Waitrose (£172.27).

To compare supermarket prices across the year, Which? monitored the cost of popular branded products using data from independent shopping website MySupermarket to work out the average expense.

In addition to the yearly comparison, researchers also looked at the total cost of the basket each month and found that Asda was consistently cheaper, coming top in 11 out of 12 months. February was the exception, when Morrisons bumped it into second place.

Richard Headland, Which? magazine editor, said:

“With increasing concern over rising food prices, our research shows that some supermarkets are consistently cheaper than others for popular branded items. It could be worth switching supermarkets, or shopping around, if you want to trim your shopping bill.”

Notes to Editors

  1. Research: To compare supermarket prices across the year, we started with a list of more than 100 popular products, which were likely to be sold in the six supermarkets covered by the comparison. Using data from the independent shopping website MySupermarket, we calculated the average price (including discounts, but not multibuys) for each item across the whole of 2016. We added those average prices up to get the cost of the basket. If a product wasn’t sold in one of the six supermarkets during the year, it was removed from the basket altogether to ensure a fair comparison. While this data covers the whole of 2016, we also look at the cost of the basket each month, using the same method, and publish the results on
  2. For full list of products compared, contact the press office
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