Over 250,000 people join together for cheaper bills

Potential Big Switchers on 889 different tariffs

Over 250,000 people have now joined The Big Switch to get a better energy deal. The campaign from Which? and 38 Degrees has captured the imagination of hard-pressed consumers who are fed up with the bamboozling array of complex tariffs.

On average, over a thousand people are still signing up to The Big Switch every day, with more than 9,000 joining online in the last week. Due to these unprecedented levels of interest, and to make it simple for people to take part, it will still be possible to sign up by providing tariff, supplier and usage information until 25th April.  Over the next week, we will finish contacting people who have registered but have not yet provided these details.

More than 16,000 people have already supplied their tariff, supplier and usage information. Early analysis of these responses highlights the complexity of the energy market with the potential switchers currently on 889 different tariffs.

More than half of the people (55%) are not currently managing their energy bills online and the vast majority (79%) are on variable tariffs as opposed to fixed price deals.

Which? is currently in intensive negotiations with energy companies and is still working closely with forward-thinking suppliers that can see the advantages of taking part in this exciting new campaign. This will conclude in a reverse auction, expected to be on 26th April. We hope that as many energy companies as possible will bid in the reverse auction and take this opportunity to prove their commitment to putting customers’ interests first.

Richard Lloyd, executive director at Which?, says:

“This campaign is a UK first and the response from consumers has been fantastic, with more than 250,000 people already signed up.

“Many energy companies have said they want a better relationship with their customers, so this is an opportunity for them to prove that they are serious about giving people the best possible deal.
“We hope that The Big Switch will save thousands of people money on their energy bills.”

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