Savvy shoppers save money by haggling

A Which? online survey of over 11,000 people in Feb-March, revealed that 43% of consumers have tried to negotiate a better deal when buying a product from a high street shop in the last 12 months (including more than a quarter who asked for a lower price due to a cosmetic fault or because an item was ex-display, and 30% who asked a retailer to match another retailer’s or online prices)

• Overall, 75% of those who tried to get a lower price/better value were successful. Eight in ten (79%) of those who tried to negotiate when there was a cosmetic fault with the item were successful in getting a better price

• Six in ten (62%) of those who tried to persuade a retailer to match an online price were successful – saving on average around £52

• Large electrical home appliances and TV/audio appliances and accessories were the products that people were most likely to ask the retailer to match an online price

• Those who don’t haggle are put off because they don’t think the price will be lowered (38%) or are too embarrassed to do so (37%)

Which? hit the high street to test this out…
• Our researcher visited 27 shops, (22 independents and 4 high street chains), to purchase Canon EOS 1100D camera with 18-55mm lens kit, priced at Amazon for £350

• Out of the independent shops that stocked the camera, apart from one shop that was already selling it for less than £350, every one was willing to bring the price down once they were shown the Amazon price. The lowest price offered was £369

• All five large retail shops said they did not match prices with online retailers but one high street retailer said they may be willing to negotiate a discount if the camera was bought that day

Richard Lloyd, executive director at Which?, said:
“ At a time when so many people are feeling the pinch, everyone should remember that it’s often well worth haggling to get a better deal. There’s nothing to lose in asking for a lower price, even if the product you want has already been discounted.”

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