“Broadband is now essential to consumers’ everyday lives”- Which? response to Government plans for broadband access

Which executive director, Richard Lloyd said:
“Broadband is now essential to consumers’ everyday lives so it’s good to see the Prime Minister setting more ambitious plans for people to get faster broadband speeds no matter where they live.

“Our research found that millions of households pay for broadband speeds they never get. Giving consumers better information will help them to take action if they don’t get the service they are paying for.”

Notes to Editors

Previous Which? research for ou‘Give Us Broadband Speed Guaranteed’ campaign found a staggering 15.4 million households aren’t getting the promised headline speeds on their broadband packages. Despite nine in 10 people telling us they consider speed an important factor when choosing a provider, we found 74% of households (equivalent to 15.4 million homes) with fixed broadband connections were paying for packages with advertised speeds they never got.

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