Which? response to coalition’s mid term review

Which? executive director Richard Lloyd said:

“Consumers facing yet another tough year will be looking to the Government for much more ambition and action.

“With 10 million households already feeling the squeeze and consumer confidence low, reforms to those sectors that matter most, like banking, energy and telecoms, do not yet go far enough to protect people from uncompetitive prices, shoddy service and bad practices. When household budgets are tight and the cost of food is spiralling, people want to see urgent action taken to stop food companies using confusing pricing tactics that make it impossible to spot a genuine bargain.

“With a wider range of organisations now providing public services, more must be done to ensure people can genuinely choose what’s best for them and have somewhere to turn for help when things go wrong.

“Confident, empowered consumers are good for the economy and good for driving improvements and innovation in business and public services. Consumers should be at the heart of the Government’s reform agenda, and although the Consumer Bill of Rights is likely to be a step forward, today’s Review falls short of setting out a compelling vision to make this happen.”

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