Which? response to UK Finance scams figures

Rocio Concha, Director of Policy and Advocacy at Which?, said:

“Tackling scams is a complex problem and scam victims are currently failed by a range of businesses – including tech firms failing to take responsibility for fraudulent content posted by criminals.

“The government has now recognised that the major online platforms we interact with every day have a responsibility to protect their users from scams. They must be given a legal responsibility, through the Online Safety Bill, to identify, remove and prevent fake and fraudulent content on their sites – including an avalanche of adverts and websites posted by criminals.

“A number of banks are also failing to consistently follow the voluntary code that was put in place to protect customers from bank transfer scams. It’s time for a mandatory system of protections, which is strongly enforced, and for bank transfer scam and reimbursement levels to be published on a firm by firm basis.”