Which? warning on child car seat position in safety-risk Seat and Volkswagen models

What’s the problem
  • Independent tests by Finnish magazine Tekniikan Maailma found that when all three rear seat belts are in use and the car is driven at speed, the far-left one could come undone, leaving passengers in that position unsecured.
  • The Volkswagen Group, which owns both brands, has confirmed the issue in its own tests.
  • According to the source, the problem affects cars built on the MQB A0 base model, which is used in VW Group’s new small cars, the Volkswagen Polo, Seat Arona and Seat Ibiza
How could this affect my child’s safety?
  • The left-hand seat is a popular position for child car seats, some of which may be installed with a seatbelt. We’re therefore urging parents with affected models to check their vehicle and not place their car seat in the left-hand rear seat (if secured using the seatbelt.)
  • The middle seat is the safest position for a child car seat
Further advice:
Alex Neill, Which? Director of Home Products and Services, said: 
“It’s not just adults who are put at risk by this safety issue. Parents should stop placing car seats secured by a seat belt in the rear left seat of affected models immediately.
“Volkswagen should now act swiftly to let affected customers know what they are doing to fix this potentially dangerous fault.”