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Which? welcomes ‘strong action’ to tackle unarranged overdraft charges

Jenni Allen, Managing Director, Which? Money, said: “Finally, banks will no longer be able to charge rip-off unarranged overdraft charges, which have long penalised their customers, many of whom can afford it the least. “Which? has campaigned on this issue for years and today’s strong action from the regulator will come as a massive relief […]


Nightmare before Christmas: Chaos as deliveries don’t go as planned

The majority of people who shopped online over the Christmas period last year had a problem with a delivery – with parcels thrown over fences, taken to the tip by binmen and even getting chewed on by the dog, according to research from Which?.   Which? looked at the delivery experience of people during the […]

Which? urges regulator to hit cold call bosses with fines of up to £500,000

Which? is calling for cold calling company bosses to be hit with fines of up to £500,000 under tough new rules that come into force today, as research shows nuisance calls continue to blight people’s lives across the UK. In October 2016, the Government announced plans for directors of firms responsible for nuisance calls to […]

Could you afford to buy Bridget Jones’s central London flat or the countryside cottage from The Holiday?

Ever wondered what it would cost to buy Bridget Jones’s flat in Borough Market? Fancy living in the countryside cottage from The Holiday? Thinking about splashing out on the McCallister’s Chicago mansion from Home Alone? Find out if you could afford them with new research from Which? Mortgage Advisers.Which? Mortgage Advisers has calculated the cost […]

Which? responds to latest Facebook data breach

Alex Neill, Which? Managing Director of Home Products and Services, said: “This latest data breach – potentially affecting the personal photos of millions of people – will cause real concern and distress to some Facebook users and further erode confidence in the social network after the Cambridge Analytica scandal. “Our research has shown people are […]


Which? responds to new rules on handling complaints about APP scams

Jenni Allen, Managing Director, Which? Money, said: “This is an important step that should help victims to pursue complaints and seek reimbursement from the bank that the fraudster has used to process payments. “People are losing life-changing sums to bank transfer scams every day, so the new code to protect victims from this type of […]


Dupe-on: dodgy ‘deals’ and unclear small print risk misleading consumers

Dodgy deals, unsubstantiated sales claims and unclear small print could mislead customers shopping on discount site Groupon, according to Which?. In a snapshot investigation, the consumer champion analysed deals available on Groupon between October and November 2018, and compared the claimed original and deal prices with those available from other sources. While Which? found plenty […]

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Worries over unsafe toy slime grow ahead of Christmas

With toy slimes sure to be on many children’s Christmas wish lists, Which? tested 13 products from a range of high street and online retailers, and found almost half failed the EU safety standard limit for boron in toys. Following Which?’s investigation earlier this year that found almost all the slime toys it tested from […]

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Which? unwraps the reality of festive chocolate packaging

The packaging of popular Christmas chocolates can make up almost half the total weight, according to new research by Which?.   Which? looked at the top 13 best-selling boxes of chocolates and found that Ferrero Rocher Collection was the worst offender with 42 per cent of the total weight taken up by packaging and only […]

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