Are you getting what you pay for with your new mobile this Christmas?

Which? reveals that the operating system and pre-loaded apps on your new 16GB smartphone could take away almost 6GB of memory.

We tested eight leading smartphones to see how much memory was available after the operating system and additional extras, like pre-built in apps and ringtones, had taken their share. We found:

The leading flagship Android phones were the worst culprits, with the Sony Xperia Z3 (11.18GB), Samsung Galaxy S5 (10.87GB), LG G3  (10.52GB) and HTC One M8 (10.13GB) all coming out of the box with with less available memory than their iPhone rivals.

A new iPhone 6 Plus running iOS 8 will be left with only 11.2GB of usable memory, 1.4GB less space than an iPhone 5C running iOS7.

Which? Editor Richard Headland, said:

“If you’re opening up a brand new phone on Christmas day, it may come as a shock that so much memory is already used before you’ve even turned it on, often by unwanted extras that can’t be removed. If smartphone memory matters to you then opt for a phone with an SD or micro SD slot and add your own.”

Notes to editors:

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2. Full results in infographic:

 How much storage space does your phone really have?

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