M&S Mojito named best mojito in a can in Which? taste test

Marks and Spencer’s premixed mojito has beaten branded and own-label rivals, including Bacardi and Tesco’s versions of the popular Cuban cocktail, in Which? taste tests.

With much of the UK expected to bask in sunshine this weekend, many people will be looking for a refreshing and minty cocktail as they make plans to enjoy the warm weather. While most supermarkets stock both their own-label and branded premixed cans, Which?’s tests suggest it might be worth spending slightly more to find one with the right flavour and taste.

Which? put five premixed mojito cans – from Aldi, Asda, Bacardi, M&S and Tesco – through a blind taste test to reveal which was the best. The consumer champion asked a panel of 13 testers to rank the canned drinks in order of which tasted the most like a homemade mojito and their thoughts on each can.

M&S’ own-label mojito, which costs £2.10 per can, came out on top with tasters praising its punchy flavours, including its sharpness and strong hints of lime and mint. Out of the 13 tasters, four said M&S’ premixed mojito was better than a homemade mojito and 12 people said they would buy it again.

Although it was the priciest mojito tested, the M&S drink was the only can with two measures of rum, which may explain why tasters likened it to a classic mojito.

Asda’s £1 mojito can finished in second place, with tasters noting how the mint and lime flavour came through, but some felt it was “too sweet” and one commented that it “slightly resembled mouthwash with a peppermint flavour.”

When compared to the homemade mojito, two tasters said Asda’s premixed can tasted better and four said they would buy it again.

In third place was Aldi’s Old Hopking Mojito Cocktail can (£20.40 for a pack of 24 or available to buy in-store individually), which along with Tesco’s was the cheapest mojito tested. It received mixed reviews from testers who described it as “too sweet” and “oddly gingery” – not a flavour usually associated with mojitos.

Two people said it was better than a homemade mojito, and just one said they would consider buying it again.

Despite being a renowned rum brand, Bacardi’s Mojito Rum Mixed Drink (£1.60) finished near the bottom, in fourth place. It received mixed reviews but most tasters felt it tasted nothing like a real mojito with some describing the flavour as similar to “boiled sweets” and “chemically”.

At the bottom of the rankings was Tesco’s House of Cocktails Mojito (85p) which was universally disliked by the tasters. It was described as “lemony”, “gingery”, “too sweet” and one taster mentioned that it was very watery. Only one person said it tasted better than the homemade mojito and that they would buy it again.

Matthew Knight, Which? Product Testing Expert, said:

“Nothing beats enjoying a refreshing minty mojito in the sunshine, and while premixed cans have made it easier than ever to get your hands on one, our taste test shows when it comes to flavour and taste M&S’ mojito can is miles better than the own-label and branded competition.

“For an affordable yet tasty mojito, people could also consider picking up an own-label can from Asda or Aldi rather than Barcadi’s premixed can, which tastes nothing like the real deal.”


Notes to editor

Which? asked 13 tasters to test five popular canned mojito drinks against a homemade mojito in a number of blind taste tests. Each taster was asked to rank the mojito cans in closeness to the homemade mojito and to give their thoughts on each individual can.

Please see the full results below in order of ranking:

We made our homemade mojitos with the following recipe:


Juice of 1 lime

1 tsp granulated sugar

35ml Bacardi white rum (1 shot)

185ml soda water

10 mint leaves



1) In a cocktail shaker mix the lime juice, sugar and rum and muddle the mint mixture with a rolling pin.

2) Add a handful of ice cubes and shake vigorously. Pour the mixture through the strainer (or a sieve) into a glass, add 185ml of soda water and mix together.

3) If you want to dress your mojitos up at home you should pour it over ice and garnish with a sprig of mint and a slice of lime.

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