Simple steps to make your fuel go further

Which? reveals how you could cut your fuel bills by as much as £400 a year by following a few simple tips.

  • Driving more efficiently (£190 a year saving): Driving smoothly and gradually building up speed will ensure the engine is using the lowest revs and preserve fuel, as will reading the traffic flow ahead to help maintain a steady speed, cruising at the optimum speed of 55mph, using ‘Eco’ mode if your car has it, and turning off air con.
  • Make your car more efficient (£239 a year saving ): Regular servicing helps to keep your car lean and green, under-inflated tyres can increase fuel usage by as much as 4%, and carrying unnecessary weight, like an unused roof rack, will reduce fuel efficiency.
  • Find the cheapest fuel: Keep an eye out for supermarket fuel promotions, especially around Easter and Christmas, and use loyalty cards such as Nectar and Tesco Clubcard to earn points at the pump.


Which? Editor Richard Headland, said:

“Running a car isn’t cheap, but making a few easy changes to your driving habits could make your fuel go much further and save you a significant amount of cash.”


Notes to editors:

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2. By way of illustrating how much you can save by following our tips, we’ve used the Ford Fiesta with the economical 1.0-litre EcoBoost engine as an example. Based on covering 12,000 miles at our tested fuel economy of 56.5mpg, this would cost £1,260 a year to fuel. Savings shown can be deducted from this benchmark figure.


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