Advice to Ryanair passengers ahead of change to hand luggage policy

Rory Boland, Which? Travel Editor, said:

“Ryanair needs to make sure customers understand that they may not be insured for loss, theft or damage of their valuables if their luggage ends up in the hold as a result of these new rules.

“We would advise travellers to remove wallets, keys, laptops and other important or expensive items from any bag the airline plans to put in the hold. If anything does go missing, you should claim against the airline as they should honour your rights under the Montreal Convention.”


Note to Editors:

From Monday 15 January, Ryanair will force passengers who have not purchased priority boarding to check their main cabin bag into the hold.

While passengers without priority boarding can still travel with two bags free of charge, only the smaller handbag or laptop bag will be allowed into the cabin. Priority boarding prices start from £5.

Passengers are also being encouraged to put bags into the hold ahead of time. Ryanair has reduced the cost of check-in bags from £35 to £25 and increased the weight allowance from 15kg to 20kg.