“EDF’s small price cut will be little comfort to their customers”, Which? response to latest energy price cut

Which? executive director, Richard Lloyd said:

“After significant falls in wholesale prices, EDF’s small price cut will be little comfort to their customers. The Competition Authority’s investigation must look at whether falling wholesale energy costs are passed on fairly, or whether a lack of competition leaves us all out of pocket.”


Notes to Editors

1. People can support our campaign for Fair Energy Prices at http://whi.ch/F4IR3NERGY

As part of our Fair Energy Prices campaign, we are calling for:

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), as part of its current investigation into the energy market, to investigate the best way for the regulator to establish a ‘price to beat’, so that consumers can trust that the price they pay is fair.

Require energy suppliers to use simple, directly comparable pricing, similar to petrol pump displays, so people can more easily compare prices and make the best choice if they switch.

2. Which? Switch – If you think you might be missing out on the cheapest energy deal you can use Which? Switch to compare energy prices. Which? Switch is an independent service that searches the market to provide a comprehensive, transparent and impartial view of your gas and electricity options, including supplier and tariff ratings to help you decide on service as well as price.

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