“We are pleased that the new Rail Minister is committed to putting passengers first” – Which? response to CRA exemption withdrawal in rail

Alex Neill, Which? Director of Policy and Campaigns, said:

“It’s great news for passengers that the rail industry will finally be brought into line with other travel sectors and will now have to comply with the Consumer Rights Act in full from October this year.

 “Any further exemption would have seen rights for rail passengers delayed for another year, so we are pleased that the new Rail Minister is committed to putting passengers first.

 “The pressure is now on train companies to ensure they are ready to implement the necessary changes to the current compensation system and make it easier for passengers to claim for delays and cancellations.”



  • The exemption from the Consumer Rights Act (CRA) for the rail industry is due to expire on 1 October 2016. The CRA will give consumers stronger and standardised rights to compensation when trains are delayed or cancelled.
  • The Government was seeking to further delay the full implementation of the Act and had laid a Statutory Instrument before Parliament.
  •  Which? believes this would have been a mistake and would have left consumers without access to rights they have in most other sectors – including all travel sectors – for another year.
  • The Rail Minister has decided to withdraw the Statutory Instrument seeking to exempt the rail sector from elements of the Consumer Rights Act. The CRA will now come into force in rail 1 October 2016.
  • We’re now calling for train companies and the regulator to ensure that they will be fully compliant with the new rules once they come into force on 1 October.