“We want the next Government to push through these reforms without delay” – Which? response to the publication of the Public Services Ombudsman consultation

Which? executive director, Richard Lloyd, said:

“We have been calling for a single public services ombudsman to make it easier and more accessible for people to complain, so today’s announcement is a positive step forward. Thousands of people have told us they faced barriers to complaining and we want the next Government to push through these reforms without delay. It’s vital that when things go wrong people feel able to speak up to help prevent it happening again.”


1.    As part of our ‘Make Complaints Count’ campaign, supported by more than 81,000 people, we are calling on the Government to make complaints count by:

  • Requiring all regulators of public services to use complaints to trigger inspections;
  • Giving people access to independent support to help them complain;
  • Allowing representative groups to make super-complaints on behalf of those impacted; and
  • Ensuring whistle-blowers are listened to and their concerns acted upon.

2.    Our research shows low levels of awareness of the current public services ombudsmen, with only 46% of people having heard of the Parliamentary and Health Services Ombudsman, 44% have heard of The Office of the ​Independent Adjudicator and 63% have heard of the Local Government Ombudsman.

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