Which? responds to the news energy bills are forecast to rise by 30% in 2022

Adam French, Which? Consumer Rights Expert, said: 

“With the energy price cap at a record high and predicted to rise further, many people will understandably be concerned about rising prices and the possibility of higher bills.

“If you are concerned about struggling to pay higher bills, there is help available. Speak to your energy provider about a payment plan you can afford and check to see if you qualify for any government schemes, such as the Warm Home Discount or Cold Weather Payment. It’s also worth considering ways you could cut your energy usage at home – such as using a smart meter to better understand and cut back on your energy use.”


Tips for handling increased energy bills: 

1, Help is available if you are struggling to pay higher energy bills. Start by contacting your energy supplier. It might feel like the last thing you want to do, but the company won’t cut off your supply if you work with it to agree how much you can pay.

2, If you’re concerned about rising costs, you should also check if you qualify for any government schemes or benefits, including:

3, You should also look at ways to reduce your energy consumption such as – installing energy efficient light bulbs, home insulation and using your appliances more efficiently.

Quick energy-saving tips:

  • Understand your energy use. It’s the first step in knowing how much gas and electricity you’re using, and where you can cut back. Smart meters come with an in home display which will tell you how much energy you use in real time.

  • Don’t leave your gadgets on standby. This could save you up to £35 a year, according to the Energy Saving Trust.

  • Fit a water-efficient showerhead. These keep your shower feeling powerful while cutting down on your hot water use, and therefore how much gas you use to heat it.

  • Only run your washing machine and dishwasher when they’re full, and use energy-efficient programs. If possible, dry your washing outside, rather than using your tumble dryer.

  • If you don’t already have a room thermostat, programmer and thermostatic radiator valves, installing them – and using them well – will save you money. Use them to set your heating and hot water to turn on and off to suit you, heat only the parts of the home that need it, and set different temperatures for different parts of your home.

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