Which? response to British Gas energy price rise

In response to today’s announcement that British Gas will be raising its prices by an average of 9.2%, Which? executive director Richard Lloyd said:

“This price rise is yet another blow to consumers at a time when rising energy prices are consistently one of their top financial concerns.  In recent years we’ve seen a domino effect on energy price rises where all the major companies follow suit. We wait to see what the other suppliers decide to do, but so far First Utility is the only company to confirm they will not be raising their prices.

“Current plans to reform the energy market simply don’t go far enough. We want the Government to intervene to make sure everything possible is done to keep prices in check. We need simpler pricing, we need to break the stranglehold of the biggest energy companies by separating domestic supply from generation and the Government must make sure that its own policies are not adding unnecessary costs to consumers’ bills.”