Which? response to the Hinkley deal between the Government and EDF Energy

Which? executive director Richard Lloyd said:

“Rising energy bills are one of the top concerns for cash-strapped consumers, so everyone will want to be assured that the price the Government has agreed for new nuclear power is fair.

“The Hinkley deal commits billions of pounds of bill-payers’ money but it has been done without transparent, independent scrutiny. If it emerges that the Government has overpaid, we believe there should be a mechanism to refund consumers instead of a windfall to the suppliers.

“We can’t afford to continue with a situation where suppliers and ministers blame each other for energy price rises. We now need an independent expert review, that reports to Parliament, of all energy policy costs, with an assessment of whether consumers are getting value for money and where savings can be made.

“The National Audit Office should also be responsible for ongoing reviews so that ministers’ decisions are held to account and consumers can have more confidence that their money is being spent wisely.”